Emily + TJ { Tucson Wedding Photographer }

I recently had the great pleasure of having Emily & TJ as my very first wedding clients.   Being able to capture such an AHHHHMazing day was really a dream come true.  Emily looked beautiful, TJ was so full of joy, their families were awesome and the day was simply perfect.   Emily’s relationship with her bridesmaids was something of which I was immediately jealous!  Their friendship seemed more like that of sisters.  The ceremony at Casas Church was truly beautiful and for the first 10 minutes I was shooting with tears in my eyes, didn’t see that one coming.   We then spent time at The Highlands at Dove Mountain (click that link and you’ll see one of MY images from Emily & TJ’s wedding) where the reception was held.  The grounds there are breathtaking and, I’m not gonna lie – it was fun speeding around in golf carts and taking pictures of  good looking people.  Is this really my job?  Being a photographer is high pressure job, but SO SO rewarding.  Thank you, Mr & Mrs Camarata, for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day, I’ll never forget it!

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1 year with Joshua {& Family} | Tucson Photographer

I haven’t bogged for a looooong while.  I missed you, but I hate blogging.  Like, really really a lot.  I love to read blogs, and I thought that meant that I’d be good at blogging/enjoy blogging.  Wrong. So wrong.  I also don’t even like the word blog.  I don’t like saying it or hearing it or typing it.  Can’t we call it something else…like: Story Time? Who doesn’t like story time?  Anyway here’s my blog  Story Time!

The Camarata Family & I only go back about a year, but it feels like longer.  We have had several session and I have come to really love this family!  Tina is so generous and thoughtful and friggin’ gorgeous to boot.  She will sometimes text me random questions like: hey girl! What’s your favorite smell? or: I was just wondering…what size ring do you wear?  No, I never received an apple scented ring – wait, that’s kind of a good idea. But after all those random texts, I got some cool stuff (fyi: I love cool stuff) and Tina pretty much knows everything about me.  I would tell my husband to call her if he wasn’t sure what to buy me for mother’s day.  Anyway, her freakishly well behaved children are sweet, and loving and funny and I super adore them! Daniel, Faith and little Josh are simply awesome. Big Josh is quiet – like my husband – so I know not to mistake quiet with boring, it took a couple of sessions, but I now see that he’s really quite funny.

So here are some out-of-chronological-order-because-storytime-is-my-nemisis-and-I-gave-up-trying-to-reorder-them photos from our sessions.



Baby Josh… so little


Josh and me (yes, that’s the correct way to say that) on his 1st birthday!

About Me

A little about me…. well, let me start at the beginning.  I have been with my husband since I was 16, he’s amazing.   I hit the jackpot, y’all.  We have 3 boys.  3 rough and tumble little and not so little guys, ages 2, 5 and 10.  My home is not quiet and that’s okay.  Sometimes.  My husband has always worked full time, allowing me to stay home and enjoy raising the boys (or go crazy…. depends on the day).  Our boys are freaking awesome.  I love TV, I love food, I  am pretty funny,  I might be a little too sarcastic…. and I’m working on that (have been since I was 10yrs old), I am IN love with coffee.  If you brought a skinny hazelnut latte to our session, you might just get some free prints.

A few years ago (2010), I decided to hone my photography skills.  I worked for free a lot, I gave some wonderful people  sub-par (at best) images  and I worked on all of my weaknesses.  I wanted to REALLY learn as much as I could so that I could make this my career.   I didn’t start calling myself a photographer until 2012, when I felt proud to show my work.

Deciding to pick up my camera has impacted my life in ways I can’t put into words.  I get excited and nervous before each and every session.  A good nervous.   People I may have never met are now a pretty big part of my daily life.  Life is good and God is good and I am thankful beyond words.

I pour myself into each session the way I would want my photographer to pour themselves into my family’s session.   I fall in love with every newborn that comes to my studio to snuggle with me.  I play with your kids the way I play with my kids.   I’m here to capture something for you that will make an emotional impact on your children when they are grown and are showing their children photos of their childhood.  I want to create classic, timeless images that are perfect now and fifty years from now.

I always keep my camera with me and I LOVE my job. I absolutely love everything about it. I would welcome the opportunity to meet you and watch your life evolve from behind my lens.  If you hire me, I hope it would be the beginning of a long-term relationship that enables me to see you through every important milestone in your life.

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